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Refund Policy

Before purchasing your tickets, it is your responsibility to carefully review all aspects of the event, event restrictions, dates, pricing, charges, and seat selection.

We will not issue any refunds or exchanges because you failed to review this information. We will also not issue any refunds for any lost, stolen, destroyed, or damaged tickets.

A shopper has the right to cancel a booking within seven days of contract. If an order is cancelled, the payment made towards it is returned through the same channel that was employed to purchase the tickets.

In order to avail a refund, apprise us within a week so we can make arrangements and start the refund process accordingly.

In case of a rare occasion that an event is cancelled or postponed due to unforeseen circumstances, we shall attempt to contact you to inform you of the refund or exchange procedures for the event. If a refund is issued, it shall be issued using the same method of payment that was used to purchase the tickets.